Giuseppe Ornati, Milan, 1921

In 18th century Cremona, there were two main approaches to violin making: Stradivari, whose style is elegant and refined, and del Gesu’s style which is more rustic and bold; a duality that continues on today.

In 20th century Italian violin making, the del Gesu approach is best exemplified by Scarampella in Brescia & Mantua. The best exemplar of the Stradivarian approach is Giuseppe Ornati, and this is an outstanding example from this highest-echelon violin maker who produced relatively few instruments over his lifetime.

Built in 1921, at the height of his powers, this violin has an exceptionally attractive one-piece back. The lovely golden orange varnish has enough wear to show that it was played without any signs of abuse.

It bears its original label and is branded and has a certificate from Emil Harrmann. To learn more about this product and pricing options please call.