I perform most typical maintenance and repair services, as well as some larger scale repair and restorations. Some examples are:

— Violin bridge- $130 -175 depending on instrument and grade of blank used. Mostly Aubert Luxe or Deluxe blanks are used, as well as Despiau 2 or 3 star blanks.
— Viola bridge $135- 175
— Cello bridge - $225-325
— Violin or viola soundpost- $60 -90
— Cello soundpost- $75-115
— Fingerboard planing- Violin or Viola- $80-100
— Cello $130- 160
— New Fingerboard , Violin - $435-550
— Viola-$445-560
— Cello- $750 – 950
— Violin pegs, installation -$80,add $25 for boxwood (labor only) (not including any bushings if needed)
— Cello pegs,installation-$110,add $25 for boxwood (labor only)(not including bushings if needed)
— Gluing seams- typically $10- 40


Weinstein Violins offers appraisals for insurance coverage or replacement value as well as for legal and estate purposes. Weinstein Violins is also happy to provide informal verbal opinions on the origin or value of any bow or stringed instrument.


Weinstein Violins takes instruments and bows for sale by consignment. Please contact us to make an appointment.